• Dodge_Butter_Horse_1_Install
  • Dodge_Butter_Horse_2_Install
  • Dodge_Dissolve_Me_+_The_Love_Between_Install
  • Dodge_Electric_Skin_Rat_Salad_Install
  • Dodge_Every_Day_Carry_Install
  • Dodge_Franks_And_Beans_(Stencil_Series)_Install
  • Dodge_Fuck_Me_Who
  • Dodge_In_This_Hole_Honey_Bucket_Install
  • Dodge_Love_Streams_Install
  • Dodge_My_Glassy_Essence_Install
  • Dodge_My_Machine_Install
  • Dodge_Pure_Seemings_1_Install
  • Dodge_Pure_Seemings_2_Install
  • Dodge_The_Cybernetic_Fold_Install_1
  • Dodge_The_Cybernetic_Fold_Install_2
  • Dodge_The_Cybernetic_Fold_Install_3
  • Dodge_The_Cybernetic_Fold_Install_4
  • Dodge_The_Cybernetic_Fold_Install_5
  • Dodge_The_Cybernetic_Fold_Install_6
  • Dodge_The_Cybernetic_Fold_Install_7

May 2015

Dissolve Me + The Love Between
Plexiglass, MDF, screws, paint, urethane resin, clamp, glue , cardboard

My Glassy Essence (Shame in the Cybernetic Fold)
Paper-coated plywood, Plexiglass, MDF, aluminum photo, urethane resin, plastilina, glue, concrete, steel, screws

Every Day Carry
Plaster, wood, felt, paint, cast foam, plexiglass, corrugated cardboard, urethane resin

Without the Random, There Can Be No New Thing (hey hey mama, said the way you move, gonna make you sweat, gonna make you groove)
Silicone, polyethylene scraps, screws, eraser board, aluminum photo

Butter Horse
Cast silicone

Electric Skin/Rat Salad (The inhuman is not what it used to be)
Plaster, paint, wire, steel alloy tubing, car paint with metallic rainbow flake

My Machine
Paper-coated plywood, Bondo, oil-based enamel paint, steel, concrete, silicone, wood

Love Fuzz/ Many Mr. Strange (Consent-not-to-be-a-single-being Series)
(Black) Urethane resin, plywood, socks, nails, glue, Bondo, polyurethane rubber (base)

In This Hole /Honey Bucket (Consent-not-to-be-a-single-being Series)
(Orange) Urethane resin, plywood, paint, socks, nails, glue, Bondo

Fuck Me/ Who’s Sorry Now (Consent-not-to-be-a-single-being Series)
(Glitter) Polyester resin, metallic rainbow glitter, socks, plywood, paint

The Gross Part (Stencil Series)
Plexiglass, paint, polished aluminum (frame) 24” x 94”

Franks and Beans (Stencil Series)
Plexiglass, paint, polished aluminum frame, 29” x 94”

Rap With Meaning (Stencil Series)
Plexiglass, paint, polished aluminum frame, 24” x 94”

Pure Seemings
Paper, ink, 11” x 14”

Love Streams
Video (Color/Sound), 50” monitor, trt: 13 mins.