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Harry Dodge is an American sculptor, performer, video artist, and writer, whose interdisciplinary practice is characterized by its explorations of relation, materiality, and the unnamable with a special focus on ecstatic contamination. His solo and collaborative work has been exhibited at many venues nationally and internationally, including New Museum’s upcoming 40th anniversary exhibition TRIGGER (Sept-Jan), upcoming solo show Mysterious Fires at Grand Army Collective (Brooklyn), and (currently), Selections from the Permanent Collection at MOCA (LA), and Living Apart Together: Selections from the Collection at Hammer Museum (LA), as well as, the 2008 Whitney Biennial; a solo show entitled, Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in 2013; and Hammer Museum’s 2014 Biennial, Made in L.A. Dodge’s work is in collections including Museum of Modern Art (NY), Museum of Contemporary Art (LA), Hammer Museum (LA). His most recent solo exhibition was The Inner Reality of Ultra-Intelligent Life, at Pasadena’s Armory Center for the Arts, which followed 2015’s solo exhibition, The Cybernetic Fold at Wallspace, NY. Recent group exhibitions include: Concrete Island at VENUS LA, The Promise of Total Automation at Kunsthalle Wien Austria; a three-person show at London’s The Approach Gallery, Triples: Harry Dodge, Evan Holloway and Peter Shelton; Routine Pleasures a show organized by Michael Ned Holte at the MAK Center in Los Angeles; and a group show, Protuberances curated by Jess Arndt and Catherine Taft at LAX Art.

An interview that Dodge conducted with artist MPA, Mourning the Earth, was recently posted at BOMB Magazine, and an interview with Dodge (by Carrie Kellerby) is here. A section from a Dodge’s short story entitled High Five for Ram Dass was included in pamphlet/zine, Night Papers 8, curated by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer and Kate Wolf. A long essay about fluidity, specificity and indeterminacy, River of the Mother of God: Notes on Indeterminacy v.2, was initially made available in conjunction with Dodge’s contribution to the Hammer Museum’s Made in L.A. (2014). Dodge is currently at work on a book, tentatively titled, Without the Random There Can Be No New Thing.

In the early 90s, Dodge was one of the founders of the now-legendary San Francisco community-based performance space, The Bearded Lady, which served as a touchstone for a pioneering, queer, DIY literary and arts scene. During that time Dodge also wrote, directed, and performed several critically-acclaimed, evening-length, monologue-based performances, including Muddy Little River (1996) and From Where I’m Sitting (I Can Only Reach Your Ass) (1997). In the latter part of 90s, Dodge co-wrote, directed, edited and starred in (with Silas Howard) a narrative feature film, By Hook or By Crook, which premiered at Sundance in 2002 and went on to garner five Best Feature awards. From 2004 to 2008, Dodge was half of a renowned video-making collaboration with artist Stanya Kahn.

Dodge holds an MFA from Milton Avery School of the Arts at Bard College and is permanent faculty of the School of Art at California Institute of the Arts, Program in Art.

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Harry Dodge Filmography:

Mysterious Fires, trt 24:30 mins., 2016.
BIG BANG (Song of the Cosmic Hobo), trt 11mins., 2016.
Love Streams, trt 13 mins., 2015
The Time-Eaters, trt 41:02, 2014
The Ass and The Lap Dog (or Maladie du Pays), trt 33:45, 2013
Fred Can Never Be Called Bald, trt 39:56, 2011
Unkillable, trt 19:53, 2011
Ipse Dixit, trt 3:56 mins. 2011
An Analog Comments on Itself, 38 secs. (loop) 2010
This Beast Called Force, trt 17:31, 2009
The Fudgesicle, trt 9:05, 2003
By Hook or By Crook, trt 95:00, 2001

Harry Dodge / Stanya Kahn Filmography:

All Together Now, trt 26:45, 2008
Nature Demo, trt 9:19, 2008
I See You Man, trt 11:25, 2008
Masters of None, trt 11:54, 2006
Whacker, trt 7:10, 2005
Let The Good Times Roll, trt 15:22, 2004
Can’t Swallow It, Can’t Spit It Out, trt 26:00, 2004
Rejected From Hell, trt 7:00, 2004
Winner, trt 15:33, 2002


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